Our Hope :

Our Hope :

The first International London convention was booked to take place in May 2021 but had to be cancelled due to restrictions around Covid. We had begun the preparations for this event some time before Covid first appeared on the horizon about eighteen months beforehand. 

This does mean that preparing for the May bank holiday in 2022 is a somewhat easier proposition, and we are hoping that this will provide a great opportunity to all meet up once again, and for the first time at this stunning location, right next to Tower Bridge, on the river Thames. 

Early Bird registration is available, as is the hotel booking at special discounted rates.

It is suggested that anyone interested in staying at the hotel book rooms as soon as possible and purchase a ticket for the convention. The hotel is currently open.

Booking a hotel room costs nothing at the time you book. No deposit is taken from a card. Only an authorisation. You only pay at check out.