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Yes, everybody who attends the event has to pay. This includes members doing service at the convention and includes speakers. As stated in Tradition 7, we are fully self-supporting through our own contributions and like any AA group, the London Convention must cover its financial obligations.

Yes, although as with any self-supporting AA meeting you can be sponsored. At our inaugural convention in 2022 several tickets were bequeathed to newcomers in some cases by sponsors, and in some cases by members who couldn’t make the convention and kindly gifted their tickets on the door.

Yes. In keeping with established criteria, AA are paying for all the facilities which are also being used by Al-Anon for their participation. The registration fees generate income to pay for these costs.

No. Under Tradition 4, the London Convention committee has decided that Alateens and minors may attend free of charge. Pre-registration is not necessary.

There will be a single bucket near the registration desk for those who wish to make any Tradition 7 donations, although the Convention itself is paid for through the registration fees and any surplus will ultimately find its way through the usual channels as Tradition 7 contributions as well.

The convention committee reports directly to both London Regions. They in their turn announce any vacant service positions via the London Intergroups and their groups in turn. Service rotation and service sponsorship follows established AA procedures.

Unfortunately not. Following negotiations with our hosts (The Tower Hotel, London), their staff will be providing refreshments and snacks. The final scope and cost per item will be known nearer to the date of the convention, but we managed to negotiate  a very reasonable price for 2022.

We have requested sitting preferences upon booking in order to manage the allocation of seating. However there will be a limited opportunity to change your preference should you wish. In practical terms you will almost certainly be able to change your sitting preference before 31st December 2022 via email request, but there will be a deadline at which sittings must be finalised. This is likely to be around the end of February.

It might seem like merely a wishful aspiration to call our fledgling convention ‘International’. COVID 19 meant that we could not run at all in 2021, and in 2022 there were still severe restrictions on International travel, so all the speakers came from either London or other parts of the UK. We did however have some International visitors. We have reached out in fellowship to AA’s around the globe as far as we are able and would dearly love to attract speakers and visitors from all over the world to the event. We realise that London is a big draw for many International travellers, and as the convention venue is also very central and very scenic, we sincerely hope that as traction builds that may become a reality. Our specially negotiated hotel rates are also intended to attract as many people from far flung places as possible. Although limited in number, the hotel rooms are at the venue, not some distance away.